Altus Pajor

Maciej Altus Pajor is of Polish decent and was born in 1965. From the age of four he was taught to paint by his father, also an exceptionally talented artist. Altus subsequently spent much of his adult life moving around Europe gaining insight into the different styles of painting that he was capable of producing.

He spent a number of years in Germany and supplied major galleries with paintings of both a classical and contemporary nature. He acquired his nickname of Altus as a result of his profound insight into the human spirit. His ability to capture both the frailties and beauty of human nature have resulted in him being compared in style to the great Robert Lenkiewicz. In particular, his series of Elders and Fallen Angels show with such passion and realism the torment and temptation that life throws at us. As well as being a successful artist, Altus has also lived close to nature whilst working his family farm for many years.

Now that his family has grown, he has moved with them to the United Kingdom, where he now spends long hours each day creating his masterpieces. One day he will paint a country scene in the style of Constable; whilst the next he will be creating a haunting scene not dissimilar to the work of Edvard Munch. Although Altus has superb artistic talent, it is perhaps his extraordinary imagination that sets him aside from the crowd.