Ranjit Sagoo

Ranjit Sagoo from Sutton Coldfield, England, is a self-taught pastel artist. Although he has always had an innate artistic talent, life chose a different career path for him as a Doctor.

As much as being a doctor is about connecting with people and their emotions, Ranjit expresses this same connection through his art. Each art work tells a story and it is the stories that Ranjit explores that create emotional and relatable connections between the audience and the art.

Wildlife is the main feature of Ranjit’s artwork as he has always been fascinated by animals and the natural world. Bringing this together with his passion for medicine, Ranjit’s art is an exploration of human nature through nature itself, depicting the intertwined relationship between humans and nature.

Pastel being his medium of choice, Ranjit creates animal imagery with vibrant colours, palpable textures and fine detail bringing to life the ‘story’ within the art. The stunning visual imagery capture your attention, whilst the emotions are captivated by the heart of story within.